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Christmas Party!!
Hey gang, we are planning on holding our annual Christmas Party on 8 Dec at the Golden Corral restaurant in Newport News (next to Lowes and Home Depot). The party will begin at 7 pm and we have the back room reserved for the club, all that is required to get in is to buy a meal from up front. We are planning on having club purchased gifts as well as the traditional Yankee swap gift exchange. If you want to participate in the Yankee swap you must bring a gift (suggested value $25). We will also be handing out some club awards.
If you have any questions please contact me at vprpilot@cox.net or hit me up at the field.
I hope to see you there,

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Electrics Over Tidewater (EOT) is coming up fast, Sept. 27th -28th. Get those lipos charged.

Landing Fee:$10 Includes the famous “Raptor Afterburner Chili” lunch on Saturday

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Ever wondered what our field looks like throughout the progression of the day? These photos were made by Todd Smith during our fly in we had on National Model Aviation day. Thanks Todd (3 photos) ...

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On Thursday June 19th,2014 at approximately Noon, NNPRCC was visited by a representative of the FAA. He and Rusty spoke for about 30 minutes. He informed him, and provided the FAA guidance on RC model flight altitude. He had just left the Newport News Airport and was investigating a Airport Tower report of a model flying higher than 400' within the three mile limit. NNPRCC is 1.7 nm from the tower to the geographic center of the NNPRCC flying field.

NNPRCC has been officially told by the FAA that flying an RC model above 400' when within a 3 mile radius of an airport is not allowed.

We had a club meeting today and everyone who attended was briefed that flying above 400' is forbidden and could result in the loss of flying privileges. No if ands or buts.

If you are not sure what your model looks like at 400' Set it down at the end of the runway, walk to the other end and that is 400'. If you are flying and ask yourself, "am I over 400'?" you probably are.

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Flying season is here and we have some new members and some friends we haven't seen since early fall. I thought I'd just give a few reminders.

The flying field is open from sunup till sunset 7 days a week. Everyone should be gone and the gate locked before sunset.

If you unlock the gate please relock the lock to the chain.Lock it so the chain and lock can not be removed from the gate. This prevents loss of the lock. We lost several locks last year.

Last person out locks the gate. The gate must be closed and locked if no one is at the field. Example: If it's 2pm and you are the only one at the field and are leaving, lock the gate. The next member can unlock it.

The Park Ranger phone number is posted in the INFO box located under the pavilion.Call the Park Ranger Camp Site number first and explain who you are and what you need.

The Club Officers phone numbers are listed on the same sheet.

Have a great flying season.

It's only a hobby,

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