Welcome to the NNPRCC – AMA #3504

Time to say goodbye to our little friend.

"The flying field is in great shape. Four well groomed grass taxi ways have been cut and the field rolled.

When you see Will, Joey, Bruce, Rusty, Dwayne,Todd,Pat and Mike make sure to say Thank You for all of their hard work. The rolling the field was a lot of work and wore them out.

Pat and Mike had previously updated the the solar panels and they are in tip top shape.

The Water Works graded the road and it is in very good shape.Drive SLOW (under 10mph) down the road and it will stay in good shape.When it is wet DO NOT drive through the puddles , it just makes the holes bigger.

Cigarettes butts continue to be a problem.DO NOT THROW BUTTS on the ground. For safety reason no one should smoke past the first green fence."

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If you are reading this now, you are late for the club meeting. ...

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I think we were cheated. This mower didn't come with an engine! Come out and see what this little thing has done.

Club dues are due by July 1,2015

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