Join or Renew NNPRCC Membership

We're always happy to welcome fellow model aviation enthusiasts into the club.  NNPRCC is an Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) chartered club, so you must have a current AMA membership to join.  You can join the AMA or renew your membership online. You must have a full AMA membership to join the club. AMA Park Pilot membership is not accepted due to insurance requirements. 

If you're joining NNPRCC for the first time, you will be issued a Novice Pilot Membership Card.  We want to ensure your flying experience with NNPRCC is both safe and successful; with that in mind, novice pilots are not permitted to fly without an instructor's assistance.  Once a club officer or designated instructor has flown with you and is certain of your skills and knowledge of AMA and NNPRCC guidelines, you will be issued an Experienced Pilot Membership Card.  Please review the member guidelines below or speak with a club officer if you have further questions.

If you're an existing (or prior) NNPRCC member, please fill out the application again each year when you pay club dues.  This ensures that the club has an accurate record of your contact information.  The application is easy and you have the option of completing it online or mailing it to the NNPRCC Treasurer; you can also pay club dues online (see below).  If you prefer to submit your application, pay club dues or receive your membership card "in person" feel free to contact the club Treasurer and arrange to meet at the NNPRCC Flying Field.