The Newport News Park Radio Control Club (NNPRCC) is one of the thousands of Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) chartered clubs throughout the United States.  As such, members must adhere to the requirements promulgated by the AMA and are responsible for knowing and following NNPRCC Flying Field rules and regulations. Members of the NNPRCC are also expected to comply with the club's constitution and bylaws, attend regular club meetings, contribute club dues, elect NNPRCC officers and participate in club activities or events in the interest of promoting model aviation.

Note: The following documents are in PDF format; if you don't have a program on your computer or device that can view PDF files, you can download a free reader from Adobe.

These rules and regulations apply to all NNPRCC Flying Field activities and operations.  Failure to comply with these guidelines could invalidate AMA insurance coverage for you or the entire club and may result in revocation of your club membership or restricted access to the NNPRCC flying field.  Every NNPRCC member is responsible for enforcement of these rules, regulations and guidelines - a "gentle reminder" is usually all that is necessary.  Courtesy and common sense are expected of all NNPRCC members during club activities and events at the Flying Field and other locations.  Above all, fly safe and have fun!