Club Dues

The NNPRCC collects membership dues to offset the costs associated with Flying Field maintenance and improvements, flight line equipment, facilities and administrative services (e.g. web site hosting, records keeping, payment processing).  Membership dues are also used to fund annual club activities, contests, events, awards and so forth.  A substantial portion of member dues is allocated for the Newport News Park as the Flying Field resides on property owned by the City of Newport News.

Typically, dues are collected annually on July 1st and your membership is valid until June 30th of the following year.  Currently, membership dues are $105 per year; $50 is allocated to the Newport News Park and the remaining $55 goes to the Newport News Radio Control Club.  The club recognizes that some members may join at a later date and offers a prorated dues schedule beginning 8 months after July 1st.

Dues may be paid by cash, check or PayPal to the NNPRCC Treasurer.  If you elect to pay your NNPRCC dues via PayPal, please note that a $3.45 surcharge will be added to offset PayPal's fees for processing your payment online.  Thank you!

You must fill out the membership application above in addition to paying dues. This applies to new members as well as renewals.

Special Rule for Military Members

The NNPRCC recognizes and appreciates military members and their families serving in Hampton Roads communities on a temporary basis.  Military members are welcome to join the NNPRCC temporarily (less than one year, 3-month minimum) at a reduced dues schedule: $15 per month; $8 is allocated to the Newport News Park and the remaining $7 goes to the Newport News Radio Control Club.  To take advantage of this offer, we ask that military members provide the following:

  1. Evidence of current AMA membership.
  2. A copy of your orders with the length of duty highlighted.

Once the above information has been furnished, NNPRCC will provide a Membership Card valid for a period of time that corresponds with the length of duty for the current year, truncated to the whole month.  The expiration date on the front of your NNPRCC Membership Card will be highlighted.